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How it works

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    Publish a listing

    Publish a listing of your parking lot in the platform. Add the amount of parking spaces you would like to lease out trough Parknshare, their specifications as well as information about the parking conditions - security, open or covered, ground flooring, etc. Reach lots of potential new customers with our platform.

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    Add availability information

    Add information about the working hours and dates of the parking, or the time slot during which you would like to lease out parking spaces trough Parknshare. Thus the listings will be shown to the users only if their criteria matches your availability.

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    Smartly manage and Earn

    Manage the availability of your parking spaces, utilize our tools for statistics about the usage and increase your income with Parknshare.

You do not own a parking lot?

If you own a parking space or a garage, which is free during the day or the night, you have an opportunity to earn additional income. Publish your parking space in Parknshare with several clicks, add availability and help people looking for parking space to find the most convenient solution.

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